Training Management System (TMS)

The Most Experienced Training Management System for RTPs (formally ATO) in Singapore integrated with SSG Systems

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TMS Designed and Developed by RTPs, for RTPs

TMS Designed and Developed by RTPs, for RTPs

Our Training Management System (TMS) was operational since 2008! The system have since served hundreds of thousands of learners!

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Integrated with SSG Systems

From 31 December 2021 onwards, all training providers that receive funding from SSG will require a TMS linked to SSG’s system to facilitate data transfer to process training claims. Our TMS is fully integrated with the SSG’s system to give our clients the unfair advantage in terms of productivity and sustainability!

SSG Requirement
Integrated with SSG Systems

TMS Designed and Developed by RTPs, for RTPs

Designed and developed by Biipmi Pte Ltd, one of the most recognisable consultancy firm in Singapore for RTPs and PEIs. You know you are in good hands!

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TMS Designed and Developed by RTPs, for RTPs

Benefits of a TMS Linked to SSG Systems

A TMS would allow Training Providers to manage and track all courses and effectively manage the learners’ journey. Instead of storing course-related information on multiple files, a TMS becomes a central data depository for training administrators to find accurate and updated information easily.

As information becomes digital, manual tasks such as sending course reminders and compiling enrollment data can be automated. Not only do TMS reduce administration workload and human error, it also helps Training Providers to have more resources to focus on their core business.

Data analytics is also made possible with a TMS, where reports can be generated to make informed business decision. In addition to achieving better operational efficiency in managing training administration, data needed to facilitate SSG training claims processing will be transmitted from a linked-TMS to SSG’s system seamlessly, without the need to manually prepare and perform duplication of data entry across multiple systems.

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